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Running Errands / How It Works

How It Works

Long term work relationships always start with trust. Running Errands builds strong and lasting work relationships with clients and their families on a weekly basis in order to foster premium delivery of services.

  • We meet face-to-face with clients to understand their exact needs.

  • We choose the perfect time to get things done professionally, with see-through billing in a real-time hourly management system.

  • We perform open communication with 10-minute check-ins.

  • We build long-lasting work relationships with our valuable clients.


Running Errands is here to take care of your to-do lists and get you organized. With us, your home would get running smoothly and efficiently in just a matter of weeks.

It’s As Easy As 1-2-3
Phone Call
  • Fill out our “Get Started” form

  • Use our online scheduler to let us know a good time for a call to discuss your needs.

  • Client Service Agreement

  • Gives us your to-do list and we will take care of it for you

Personal Assistant
  • Hire a personal assistant to have more free time and to take care of your household needs.

  • We will make your life more easier with less stress so you can focus on the things you love

Interested In Personal Assistant Services?

Let us know what you need, and schedule a free consultation.

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